What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is cost-effective

For those who run a business or other business with local affiliation, rather than on a nationwide or international basis, it is wise to work with local SEO on their site (or local search engine optimization, as it is also called, refer to one of my earlier articles What is localization SEO)

The ultimate goal of the optimizer is, of course, to end up as high as possible on all searches with local connection and value, for the products and services that are provided. Google’s goal, in turn, is to display as relevant a search result as possible, and here you can, therefore, help both yourself and the search engine on the stack by making it clear to this where one’s company is located from a purely geographical perspective.

This is best clarified by being careful to include information about the company’s geographical area of activity in parts of the content of your site. Here we talk about things like getting it in titles and body text and making sure that contact information is available, but it is also very important to set up Google My Business correctly.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a smooth free tool where you can easily fill in information about your business to Google, which also affects the look of your site’s search results in the search results.

Not quite in port with our own site

In exactly the same way, we intend time to improve the look of the search results for this site as well, which should result in Teveo.se taking up a larger part of the local search results than before – to our profit and our competitors’ delusion.

Increased surface area is equivalent to increased visibility, which, of course, also improves the chance of being noticed by it as Googles. Because both positions and surface in the search result is a zero sum game, the competitors’ presence in the serp also decreases linearly, which is another reason why this implementation should be carried out in its entirety.

Local SEO is cost-effective

Investing in local SEO also means that you target their efforts where they make the most use and avoid unnecessary competition that would otherwise be a fact.

This gives you a better return on the time and money you invest in this form of marketing, something that should be of interest to all local companies. There is, for example, no reason to be seen on the broad and heavily competitive keyword “car workshop”, if it is that you run a company that only offers this service locally in the Brisbane area.

Then, instead, “car workshop Brisbane” is a much better choice to optimize against, because all this traffic is relevant to your company and not just a small part of the searches that are done for a significantly more general keyword.